The Company

Everyone wants to make their money work harder for them. It can also be a sensitive subject, we get that.

CNI is way more than the norm in the financial arena… we're most definitely not boring or dreary!

7 years ago CNI was born and has grown very successfully but we didn’t want to stop there, we wanted to help more people.

Initially created to support UK business owners with their bookkeeping requirements, we've now grown up (missing out the teens thankfully) and specialise in working with online business owners worldwide, for instance digital nomads, location independents and digital product entrepreneurs to name a few in creating tailor made solutions, helping them set their financial goals and exceed them wherever possible. Everything we do is provided with exceptional customer service and in the strictest confidence. We’ve been likened to having your very own virtual FD - ok, maybe not sexy but pretty cool right?

The Brains behind the Brand

A little more about who I am … My name is Tracy and I’m a mother of 2 grown up “children”, an entrepreneur and detail diva with a thirst for travel and adventure.

I did the corporate thing in my early years for financial institutions, charities, engineering and tech businesses but always had a burning in my belly to go it alone. I finally broke free from the desk in 2005 and have never looked back since. Starting out, I assisted a variety of offline businesses in setting up their finance systems, bookkeeping, cashflow and budgets etc, qualified as a bookkeeper for the UK and then in 2011 took the whole gig online.

Family and friends describe me as alternative and quirky, I like to think differently ;-) Determined, practical and positive in mindset (very important in life and business) and a strong believer in healthy living + healthy mind = great business! So I practise yoga and meditate on a regular basis, feed my soul with a wholesome plant based diet and appreciate the simple things in life that make me happy… Oh, and I also love Salsa Dancing!

Self-confessed adrenaline junkie who loves outdoor life and if I’m not found in some part of the world camping or hiking I could well be travelling and enjoying the experiences that being an entrepreneur brings.

Living life to its fullest is my aim, everyday when I wake up, and to have created a business that thrives, grows and really benefits from my life experiences is awesome!