Getting Started

Would you like our help? The magic is in the steps . ...

STEP ONE Get In Touch With Us

The whole concept of my Capital Co-ordination service is designed around us getting together, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly and then if we both feel we're a good fit, we can work on creating a solid plan for working together and moving forward. Talk to me, tell me your story, who you are, what you do and how you think I can help you. To do this please complete my Capital Co-ordination Form - after that it’s going to be super-simple to see whether I’m able to help you and if I feel I can, then we can schedule a Clarity Call for a chat.

STEP TWO We Create A Plan & Take Care Of The Details

A substantial part of the Capital Co-ordination process is my taking what we've discussed and creating a very detailed, custom-made plan specific to you and your business and should you agree to us working together, we'll ask you to eSign our Client Service Agreement for Confidentiality & Terms and issue you an invoice for the agreed estimate or package.

STEP THREE Let’s Get Started!

We'll create an Online Client Account for you. Then, you'll receive a welcome email from us with a login to your Online Office where we'll collaborate, which is provided complimentary. Have a peek at our Client HQ - this will give you a tour of the systems and tools we provide for working alongside you online.

I'm Ready To Get Started!