What our clients say

Ben Glazier "Apart from the technical aspect of bookkeeping, the most important thing you offer is for the director of a small business to delegate cashflow control entirely. This is a massive weight off the shoulders of anyone trying to run a business. The key is that you do it without being asked. Most of us don't have someone working for us who can take that kind of initiative. "
Ben Glazier, Glazier Publicity and Design Ltd, UK
Carl Ullyatt“Your service has freed up valuable time to spend on increasing the size of our business, which in the same period has doubled with no increase in overhead”
Carl Ullyatt, Director, Learned Investments, UK
“Just to say how pleased I was with the work you carried out analysing expected and actual costs for the research project we carried out this year for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association”
The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, UK
Alex Petty "Tracy has engendered a level of trust in a very short space of time. Tracy holds values that I hold high, such as integrity and loyalty. Tracy has provided a level of support that is exceptional and has made a significant positive impact on the success of my business."
Alex Petty, Director, Alex Petty Biz, UK
Chris Davies "My client has just called to say thank you for introducing her to Tracy who she describes as "A lifesaver", "An absolute superstar", "unbelievable", "charming".
Chris Davies, Director, Ross Brooke Accountants, UK